A downloadable game for Windows

This game is about movement and shooting. 

Moving up shoots a quicker, less damaging shot, while moving downwards shoots a stronger, slower moving shot. However, hitting the very top or bottom of the screens make you lose the special shots until you move away.

Moving right heals you, but moving backward is very slow as a result.

There are 3 enemy types, each stronger than the last and will be apparent when the game is played.

I was trying to go for a bullet-hell-esque game where, instead of moving sporadically around the screen dodging bullets, the movement was more calculated, but just as fast-paced.

If I had more time, I would have added more than just 1 level, music, sound effects, as well as better sprites. I think maybe 1 weekend wasn't enough time for me to conceive an idea, make the game, test it, etc. Real life responsibilities like work also severely limited how much time I had to make this game. Maybe a bit more time could allow newbies such as me a better chance to make a quality game that looks like it's past the testing phase.

This game is intended to run on Windows

Third-Party Resources: GameMaker Studios 1.4

Known Bug: HP doesnt show after 1 game over. 

This is my very first game, and I was learning the kinks of GMS 1.4 as I was making this game, so please be gentle.

The game looks very minimalistic; I tried polishing the theme of the game rather than the looks. I'm very sorry for the quality of the graphics as well as the absence of sound.

Made by: Mohd Hasan (TJ)



Omni.exe 2 MB